Blue Ash police turn to Colorado for help understand marijuana laws

>> i think it’s imperative to keep my officers up to speed, every day, every month, every week, whatever it is.

Dan: blue ash police chief paul hartinger is big on training, and now the focus shifts to medical marijuana.

> what are the things that i need to know on the streets so that i do my job well and do it right but still enforce the laws that are on the books? dan: in order to get a better idea, he brought in a former prosecutor from colorado last week, to read ohio’s law, and help his officers navigate a budding industry in 2018.

>> if i look in the car and i see something that just absolutely looks illegal, for instance, the paraphernalia, may not be illegal next year.

Dan: his big concerns, understanding medical marijuana cards, who has permission to carry marijuana in different forms and how to handle potential ovis and violations in court.

He wants to make sure the drug is available for legal users but admits the unknown could hamper arrests for abusers.

>> there’s going to be some hesitance because if somebody does produce a card or looks like it’s a valid card, some officers may just find it, they may not have the information readily available to know whether or not it’s enough for an offense dan: some communities, like blue ash,are banning dispensaries while others are choosing moratoriums.

Companies approved by the state to run dispensaries, are expected to be up and running by next september.

Hartinger says that means officers have to consider rules for the businesses and their safety.

>> my guys have to be on top o it every day.

Dan: the chief says more visits.

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