How Do Blood Tests Work After a Denver DUI Arrest?

The blood test will be done, again, if assuming that it’s done by, according to Colorado Department of Health rules and regulations, it needs to be done by a certified phlebotomist or a nurse or an emt or somebody who knows what they’re doing.

The officer won’t be conducting that blood draw.

It’ll be done either at a detox facility or at a hospital typically, and that blood draws done again according to Colorado regs, they’re supposed to take two vials of your blood, one for their sampling or rather one for their testing, and then another for the testing of the suspect at a lab of their choosing.

That second sample is held and if the suspect wants to retest it they certainly can.

The state test is sent off to one of the labs that are used, usually takes between four to eight weeks to get the test results back and that will then determine how the district attorney proceeds.

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