New law for repeat DUI offenders

D on the right driver’s side. If you can help, call police.

>>> a major loophole in the dui law is finally being fixed >> the governor just signed a bill requiring jail time for a 4th dui offense.

Hard to believe it wasn’t the case already.

>> some say it’s a long time coming >> reporter: yes, they do.

This is back to 2015 when the state passed what was supposed to be a pretty big dui law that meant that if a repeat offender got behind the wheel drunk and arrested of a 4th dui or higher, it could carry up to 6 years in prison but it wasn’t mandatory.

What we have seen in stead is a patch work of different sentences since it’s left up to the judge’s discretion we just did a review and found that of 316 felony dui cases, about 22% of these brought just house time, work release or probation.

No jail time at all for a 4- time dui offender or higher.

Under this new law, a fourth offense will carry a minimum of 90 days in jaill >> we were shocked to find out that some were not serving any jail time at all.

We wanted to strengthen the law and make sure that they are spending 90 days in jail.

>> in addition, the law requires 4-time dui offenders or higher to complete community service and to pay for an alcohol treatment program and complete that program.

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