Denver Officials Want Uber to Help Curb DUI Arrests

Officials in Denver are hoping the ride-sharing company Uber – and others like it – could help reduce the number of DUI arrests, crashes and related injuries and deaths in the city.

For those who have not been to a city where Uber is currently operating, a brief description of how the service works might be helpful. People can download an app the Uber company has created for their smartphones. Once you have an Uber account, you can add one or more credit cards into the system, so it is ready to use when needed. read more

Dealing with a Drug Possession Charge

Controlled substances are those compounds which are heavily moderated by the law. Unlawful possession, farming, distribution, or trafficking of regulated materials can easily cause serious criminal repercussions if they are found guilty of the Penalty for Drug Possession.

If you were apprehended since the police discovered drugs on your individual, in your automobile, in your house, on or in your personal property, then you may be charged with drug possession. Drug offenses may be taken to court by the State or Federal courts; the consequence that you encounter for drug possession will certainly differ depending on exactly what kind of drugs you were caught with, and the quantity you had. read more

Marijuana DUI is Tougher for Cops to Prove

When Colorado and Washington state became the first in the nation to approve the use of marijuana for recreational purposes, they have now taken on stricter definitions for what it means to be legally under the influence of the drug while driving.

In Washington state, a provision of the recreational use law held that a blood test showing 5 nanograms or more of THC in one’s system would indicate intoxication. Now, a similar measure in Colorado is awaiting the governor’s already-promised signature to become law. read more

Enterprising Colorado Police Use Talking Urinal Cakes to Curb DUIs

State officials have turned to odd devices to dissuade drunk drivers from getting behind the wheel before, but a recent Colorado initiative that introduced talking urinals may take the cake.

According to a report from CBS News, Colorado officials have introduced interactive urinal communicators (IUCs) to select bars in the mountainous state. read more

The Dangers of Texting While Driving

Americans love their technology and we find it hard not to pick up the phone at a red light or when we feel traffic has slowed down enough to take a quick glance at our phones. Text messaging has become a major factor in traffic accidents around the country. In 2010 alone, over 3,000 people were killed in distracted driving crashes. With the growing number of cell phones in the U.S. these numbers are increasing. Car and Driver Magazine performed a study comparing the dangers of texting while driving vs driving drunk and found that both reading text messages and sending text messages are more dangerous than drinking and driving. read more

DWI Revocation Modifications – Is DMV Easing Up?

DUI related Colorado driver’s license suspensions DUI to felony DWI (aggravated DUI)is always a point of contention for those charged with drinking and driving-related offenses. With a blood alcohol level (B.A.C.) of OVER a .08, but under a 0.17, the Department of Motor Vehicles in the State of Colorado would revoke a driver’s license for a period of 9 months. If a revoked driver chose to bypass the 9-month license revocation, the driver, after one month of no driving, could have an “Interlock device” placed in his vehicle and could drive for the remaining 8 months. If the driver complied with all of the rules and regulations set forth for use of the Interlock device, the Department of Motor Vehicles could allow the removal of the device after FOUR months of use. read more

When to Hire a Criminal Lawyer for Traffic Violations

There are many situations where you will need to depend on a criminal lawyer for traffic violations. For those that are coping with a major charge, it is better to find a professional with substantial experience to assist you in steering clear of potential problems. Driving is a risk we take every time we get behind the wheel. One simple mistake can impact your life and in some cases your health. An attorney can help you defeat the charges and would work towards reducing the charges and keeping your license as an example. When should you consult a professional? read more

DUI and DWI Voluntary Roadside Tests and Maneuvers

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You know, both of these charges begin with the same scenario.

It’s usually a police officer pulling you over as you’ve been driving down the road, or approaching you if your car is parked in a parking lot, or along the street, or maybe. read more